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Goodbye January, Hello 02.01.2012

February 1, 2012



Can you believe it? January 2012 is OVER.  I’m rather still in shock about it.
With January’s departure I ended my 30 Days of Kombucha Challenge.  It was actually 31 for me, since I started right on 01 January.  What do I think of the experience, now that it’s over?

I loved it.  I plan to continue drinking kombucha every day that I can.

Over the course of the month my crazy sugar cravings have almost completely gone away. I noticed an increase in overall energy, which stayed steady throughout the day.  I ate less, in part because the kombucha triggered something in my stomach that made me feel full, faster, and snackish less often.  As I noticed these other positive changes, it became easier to eat in a more healthy way overall.  I had more energy to prepare food, and I spent more time being active, largely outside.  I dropped some pounds, and feel like I’m starting the second month of the year on a stronger note than when 2012 began.

Now, I know that all of these changes aren’t directly linked to drinking kombucha.  A sip of kombucha didn’t magically transport me outside for a walk, didn’t force my hands to cut squash or throw a salad together.  Kombucha wasn’t a magic happy potion that alleviated all of my less than pleasant cravings or feelings upon ingestion.  But, it certainly helped.

There is no magic bullet for good health. I believe that health, be it physical, emotional, or mental, is a gradual process that is so completely interwoven with all the different aspects of our lives, you can’t pull out one certain thing that makes all the difference.  That being said, I also believe that sometimes the introduction of something new (be it kombucha, starting to take a multi-vitamin, going on a daily walk, starting a belly dance class) can cause a domino effect of additional positive changes.  Like the commercial I referenced earlier in the month, sometimes “one healthy decision leads to another”. In the case of me and my kombucha, I can confidently say that is true.

Thank you again to the amazing folks at NessAlla Kombucha for sponsoring me during the challenge!  If you get a chance, try their kombucha.  Their raspberry is my favorite stand-by, but the seasonal flavors are really special.

Now I want to keep the momentum going with my February Challenge: Detox.  I’m still getting my ducks in a row (February snuck up on me) so there will be more on that later this week!

I do have some other fun activities to share with you all.  My roommate Erin, her friend Colleen, my dear friend Casey and I all went to the Mermaid Cafe’s breakfast at the Farmers’ Market this week.

Each week during the winter a different chef hosts the Saturday morning Dane County Farmers’ Market breakfast.  Meals usually include a vegetarian and meaty option, and are always made with products purchased from market vendors.  Breakfast was delicious (it always is) and fueled us well for the Madison Public Library art exhibit, Bookless. The library is going to be completely renovated (hurray!) and for one day they changed the emptied out space into an eclectic art exhibit/dance hall.  We had our picture taken in the photo booth, made bookmarks out of old card catalogue entries, and even asked the reference section oracle questions about our future. It was a blast. Can’t wait to see the library when it opens again in the summer of 2013.

And there was another session with Chloe as well, the day before her birthday!  We ventured out into the cold and took some images that I’m pretty excited about.  Chloe’s post for outfit number 1 is here.  Keep an eye out for outfit number 2 in the days to come.  Here are my favorites.

The weather here has been eerily warm over the past couple of days, but it is definitely still winter.  Winter usually gets me down, but I’m find more and more that I like about these dark and frozen months.  I went on a walk before meeting Chloe, and even though it was overcast and grey, I couldn’t help but notice how beautiful everything around me was.  The light has a different quality in winter, and maybe because of its scarcity sometimes I just have to stop and appreciate it. Find it where I can and hold onto it.

Hope all of you are holding onto something that makes you glow.  Cheers to the beginning of a new month!  I have a feeling it will be better than the last.



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  1. danell permalink
    February 2, 2012 12:49 am

    I’m on day 4 of a cleanse and I’m feeling amazing! Really needed to detox after a November/December/January full of excess. Hope February brings wonderful things! –

    • February 7, 2012 2:22 pm

      Ooh, awesome Danell! What cleanse are you doing?

      • danell permalink
        February 8, 2012 8:26 pm

        Well, I sort of made my own schedule… I did about 4 days of “clean” eating (cutting out wheat/dairy/alcohol/sugar/all of the usual suspects) followed by 4 days of just fresh juices (with more veggies than fruit) and green smoothies. I’ve eased back into clean eating and plan to continue for the next week or so. Since starting grad school I’ve had a KILLER sweet tooth and my eating/drinking habits kind of went to hell, so this is getting me back on track!

        The juice cleanse sounds so intimidating at first, but honestly, I was not left feeling starved or deprived. By day 4 of juice/smoothies I felt seriously amazing, better than I’ve felt in a long time. I think the same benefits could be had with something like the Whole Living detox though, it’s just a little slower.

        Best part is that I think I finally kicked my sugar habit 🙂 Keep us updated! I’d love to hear more about your experience.

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