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Bee Art… Honeyscribe by Amy Sheltan

June 6, 2011

Amy Shelton, "Honeyscribe"

I stumbled across this gorgeous art project by artist Amy Sheltan.   Love it.  Art meets science meets history meets food.  Here’s some info about her bee art:

“An artistic investigation of the honeybee

Honeyscribe is a new project beginning in February 2011, which investigates the life and health of the honeybee over an entire bee year.

In Ancient Egypt, hieroglyphs document the role of a ‘Honeyscribe’ tasked to record every drop of honey produced. I will assume the role of a contemporary honey scribe, charting current threats to the health of this key species and reflecting upon bee behaviour.

Honeyscribe emphasizes communication, exchange, diversity and collaboration, deploying a deep-felt sensitivity for place and community and the shared environments of the insect, animal and human….

There is a strong artistic tradition in England of ‘unseen landscapes’. William Blake famously perceived the world in a grain of sand, and ‘heaven in a wild flower’. For me, the domestic beehive represents this place – a locus of wildness fusing with human culture. (Emphasis in the last sentence is mine.)

Check it out!  She has other fascinating work on the site as well.



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