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Poetry Pause: Monday, by Cindy Gregg

November 5, 2010

It might seem strange to some for poems to show up on a food blog. I haven’t really seen a lot of this kind of pairing out in the blogosphere, but it makes such perfect sense to me.

Food is about nourishment, about fueling out bodies so we can go out into the world and do the things that we want to do. Food is about its components, the nutrients, calories and other scientific things that we use to try to  keep ourselves running smoothly long into the future.

Food is also about places, about farms and soils and water and air. It’s about flora and fauna, and bugs. It’s about ecosystems and water cycles, weather and seasons.

Food is also about culture, people, and relationships. It’s about love and hate, joy and sorrow. Food ties us together in a delicate but resilient tapestry of texture, fragrance, language, taste, sound. Food can be (and should be) a kind of poetic offering to the everyday. A gesture of greater unity, compassion and wholeness. It is commonplace and extraordinary all at once. Which is really, what the whole world is about, I guess. The flower in the sidewalk crack. The art in the details of ordinary life.

Food is also art.

Because of this, I  have my poetry pauses, and am going to start adding other food/art/design posts on the blog. I hope you enjoy this one.

Monday, by Cindy Gregg

On this first day of November
it is cold as a cave,
the sky the color
of neutral third parties.
I am cutting carrots
for the chicken soup.
Knife against carrot
again and again
sends a plop of pennies
into the pan.
These cents,
when held to the gray light,
hold no noble president,
only stills
of some kaleidoscope
caught being pensive…
and beautiful,
in the eye of this beholder,
who did not expect
this moment of marvel
while making an early supper
for the hungry children.



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