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July Weekend Abundance

July 28, 2010

Farmer’s Market, garden fresh tomatoes and hot summer days… just a few thoughts and images from this weekend’s bounty!

Squash flowers, which are going to be cooked tonight according to a recipe from the amazing Deborah Madison.

A medley of cherry tomatoes, pre-pasta.  sungold, sun cherry and sweet cherry.

More of the same.

When I look at these tomatoes, I see the essence of summer.  The vibrant, intensely beautiful colors, so different from the subtle hues of spring and the decadent shades of autumn.  These are colors that only hours upon hours of sunshine and heat can make.

Little crunchy carrots:

Teeny tiny patty pans:

And, the biggest Saturday Surprise… apricots and plums!  I have never seen a WI apricot before.  Needless to say, I am absolutely thrilled!  The ones I bought were tiny, no more than two inches tall, and sumptuous.  I hope there are more this weekend, so I can stock up… mmm.

My new favorite thing: Tuesday Market flowers.  Grandmothers Flower Garden (named after one of my favorite quilting patterns) has a fantastic booth set up at the Eastside Farmer’s Market each week.  Not only do lucky patrons get to walk home with a flower bouquet for only $5, but you get to pick the flowers yourself!  Here’s my bouquet from yesterday… can’t wait to see what is there next week.

I almost panicked yesterday when I realized that there are only a few days left in July!  After setting my internal calendar according to the academic school year for most of my life, August always seems to signify the end of summer, and the beginning of fall.  Now that I’m a few years free of that particular schedule, I am slowly understanding that August is really just a continuation of summer here in Madison.  The days are still bright, the produce wildly abundant, the weather is definitely hot.  Indeed, it sometimes feels like August is when we really come into our own, when crops that have long been growing are ready for a first harvest, when our bodies finally get used to muggy air and roasting temperatures.  I don’t need to worry because July is almost over, when I feel like it has just begun.  The month isn’t important – it’s the season that I need to worry about. WHEW- I for one am definitely not ready for summer to be over!

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  1. Lowell permalink
    July 29, 2010 8:54 am

    Beautiful pictures sis, that new camera is astounding! Of course, you have an abundance of delicious looking subject matter to work with. Lets chomp on some fresh veggies soon!

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