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Poetry Pause: “Honey at the Table”

July 17, 2010

Part of my motivation for posting these poetry pauses is completely selfish- it is really convenient for me to put all of these amazing food related poems in one place, for easy reference later.  The larger part, however, is just to share these amazing words.  Each of these poems evoke something in me that says, “yes” or “oh” or “wow”.  Each forces me to take a moment and think beyond the day-to-day trials, tasks and triumphs, to go someplace new in my heart and head.  I hope that maybe the effect is similar for you too.

This particular poem is by one of my all time favorite poets, Mary Oliver.

Honey at the Table

By: Mary Oliver
It fills you with the soft
essence of vanished flowers, it becomes
a trickle sharp as a hair that you follow
from the honey pot over the table

and out the door and over the ground,
and all the while it thickens,

grows deeper and wilder, edged
with pine boughs and wet boulders,
pawprints of bobcat and bear, until

deep in the forest you
shuffle up some tree, you rip the bark,

you float into and swallow the dripping combs,
bits of the tree, crushed bees – – – a taste
composed of everything lost, in which everything lost is found.

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