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Door County Cherries

June 29, 2010

Emily and I were the lucky winners of a two night stay at the Washington Island Hotel in Door County this winter.  After some scheduling difficulties, we were finally able to enjoy our vacation this past weekend!

Door County is absolutely gorgeous.  We took our time on the drive up, stopping by adorable coffee shops along the way, and spent the weekend relaxing on super chill Washington Island.  It was dreamy.

The one concrete goal I had for our trip (besides enjoying every single minute, of course) was to buy up a massive amount of delicious tart cherries.  On the way home we stopped by one of the side of the road cherry stands and bought a pail of ruby red tart cherries.  Last night we processed them, using our recently purchased cherry pitter (BEST PURCHASE EVER).  The result? About 5 bags of pure super fruit tastiness residing in our freezer, ready to be made into pies, scones, crisps, smoothies, etc.

I was reading up on Eating Local Challenges around the US in preparation for the Co-op’s ELC coming up in August.  I found this point on the 100 Mile Diet page that resonates so strongly with me:

Why eat local?

Reason 12. Have more fun while traveling.

Once you’re addicted to local eating, you’ll want to explore it wherever you go.

This has proven so true.  Em and I had a great time trying little local restaurants, eating a lot of white fish and cherry products.  These cherries are going to be the best souvenir ever, reminding us even in the darkest winter days of our beautiful June vacation.  Food can be memory, and finding the foods celebrated wherever we are can make our experience and recollections of travel richer and more vibrant.

Next time we go back to Door County perhaps we’ll be brave enough to try a fish boil….

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