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Tomato Update!

May 10, 2010

Our patio tomato is getting bigger every day, which makes me SO EXCITED I CAN HARDLY STAND IT.  If it weren’t for those pesky little things like “responsibilities” in my life, I think I would just stare at it.  All day. Particularly since I just learned that my tomato’s blossoms open during the day and close during the night.  That’s epic entertainment in the world of me.

We also have two NEW tomato plants!   One is a “Granny Smith” variety, characterized by tomatoes that will never turn red, orange or yellow, but will instead stay green.  I’ve never been particularly interested in green tomatoes, but the plant was free (and much more wilted a few days ago) and who can resist a free plant?  The second new addition is a ….. (get ready for it) …. Sungold Tomato plant.  I found it at the cold, rainy farmer’s market on Saturday and immediately felt warm and beamy all over.  Have you ever had a sungold tomato?  I thought I hated tomatoes, until I had my first Sungold.  They are MAGICAL.  And now they will (fingers crossed) grow on my deck.  YES.

Since it was so cold, all of the tomato plants spent Saturday indoors, getting to know one another in the kitchen.

Today it is sunny and beautiful, so the plants are basking on the deck.  Can’t wait to buy pots for Goldy and Greeny, and create some sort of trellis for Patio!

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