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Luna Circle CSA announcement- first of the season!

March 15, 2010

(Radishes from Luna Circle Farm, summer 2009.)

Our CSA farmer, Tricia Bross of Luna Circle Farm, just sent our her first email of 2010, reminding the previous year’s CSA subscribers to sign up before the MACSAC CSA day in the Monona Terrace.  I first met Tricia back in 2004 while taking an environmental studies course as a first year college student at UW-Madison.  A small group of students (including myself) went out to Luna Circle Farm for a CSA work day.  It was my first trip to a real farm, and I had a great time sweating my way through lettuce cutting and tomato seedling transplanting.  I still have the calendar that Tricia gave each of us that afternoon hanging up in my bedroom at my mom’s house.  This will be our second year as paying CSA members, and I can’t wait to start getting our boxes and drooling over the beautiful produce! Expect to see lots of photos in the months to come!

For those who are reading and thinking, “What the @#?! is ‘CSA’?” allow me to provide a brief explanation.  It stands for “Community Supported Agriculture.”  In this agricultural model consumers directly link up with producers to purchase whatever product they’re selling. In the case of our Luna Circle CSA, Emily and I buy produce, but there are meat CSAs, honey CSAs, egg CSAs, berry CSAs and combinations thereof.  Usually the folks on the buying end of things will either pay in labor hours or with up front funding.  Getting a “worker share” eases the labor costs that come with growing delicious small scale food, and is a great option for those who may not have cash to spend.  Paying up front for a season of produce eases the financial burden on the farmer during the most cost intensive part of the season (the beginning), guarantees a certain amount of income, and creates a sense of community.  Even if Tricia were to get hit with floods, tomato blights and other Wisconsin made woes, she would still be financially stable thanks to her CSA shares.  And we get to go to Tricia’s farm for work days and potlucks, play with Riley (one of the sweetest dogs you can imagine) and feel more connected to our food. It’s a win-win-win-win-win-win-win situation.

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