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Homemade Brunch

March 14, 2010

Emily and I threw together a delicious homemade Sunday morning brunch this morning.  We love to go out for brunch but are making a conscious effort to cook more meals at home.  This tasty spread was part dinner leftovers, part simple salad (with one of Em’s fabulous dressings) and part cooking ahead (one week’s worth of mini frittatas is in our fridge at this moment).

Part of the maple poppy seed dressing came from one of the best presents I’ve ever gotten: the giant maple syrup leaf of glory!

Sometimes it’s hard to balance my love of food with my health and financial goals… but today it really isn’t a problem.

The organic eggs came from Prarie Bluff Farm (located in Mt. Horeb, WI) and were completely FREE.  My friend and fellow REAP AmeriCorps member Elyse and I were sitting in the Mermaid Cafe (delicious local foods hub) when one of the owners of Prarie Bluff came up to our table and gave us each a dozen eggs, asking us to let him know what we thought of them.  The eggs were beautiful, with creamy mocha brown shells and vibrant yellow yolks.  Organic and free range, you could tell those chickens were eating well from the amazing flavor imparted in the frittatas. All of the produce except for the carrots came from the Willy Street Co-op.  The carrots (from Tipi Produce, growers of the tastiest carrots ever, located in Evansville WI) were leftover from the Franklin/Randall Elementary Schools’ Science Fair that Elyse and I worked at yesterday. The Hook’s Cheese was also leftover from that event. And the olives for the tapenade came from my mama!

What a wonderful start to a very foodie day… pics from my visit at Macha Tea House and Pig Butchering class to come!

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